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Description of BTFIT - Personal Trainer Online, Fitness and Yoga

BTFIT is your partner in the daily workout routines. Become who you always wanted to be by working out from anywhere you are. Online personal trainers available to personalize your workout. Accomplish the fitness body faster than you think it could be possible. Download the app and access yoga exercises, scheduled fitness classes, Abs classes, cardio dance, bootcamp and more! Also, you can track your performance through the fitness tracker available.

All you need is 15 minutes per day to get the fitness body you always dreamt of. Exercising at home is easy with BTFIT’s online personal trainers. Personalized exercises to build muscle, lose weight or improve your resistance. Be healthier and get the fitness body you have always wanted. Bootcamp, Yoga Exercises and many more workout routines!

Don’t waste time by doing exercises without tracking. With the fitness tracker, you can follow-up on how many calories you are burning in each exercise and your overall performance.

Using the BTFIT app, you’ll be able to workout online or even when you are offline. Do you want to workout at the gym? At the park? Exercise at home? Whether you are in your busy daily routine or enjoying your holiday's vacations, it’s easy to keep the pace on your workout routines.

Online personal trainers and fitness tracker on the app. A state-of-art technology to make your fitness plan easier to follow. Group fitness classes to motivate you at any time.

Reach your goals by working out in your free time! A fitness plan that fits into your schedule. Get the fitness body you want for free or by spending much less than you think it could be possible. BTFIT Premium allows you to have unlimited access to exclusive classes and personal trainers!

We know that working out can be easier when you have other people pushing you through.

Including workouts in your routine is a lot easier with the Group Classes. We add new classes every day starting from 15 minutes, so you can workout when and wherever you want. Get started!

Strengthen your body and mind practicing yoga. Improve your physical resistance, flexibility and breathing skills. Accomplish the body-mind equilibrium you were looking for. Doing the yoga classes, you’ll achieve great results

Conquer the six-pack and build the muscles of your dreams. Abs and strengthening exercises to guide you through your journey of accomplishing a fitness body.

You can’t go anywhere without pushing yourself to your limits. At BTFIT’s bootcamp classes, you have access to 20-minutes high-calories burning exercises!

Challenge your limits!

When you dance, you improve your physical resistance while moving your body.

Lose weight having fun and doing dance classes with your group. You can exercise at home or wherever you want to.

In the app, you can get access to an online personal trainer. Get custom workouts to accomplish the fitness body you want within your body specificities, your weight, and your goals. Home workout routines selected just for you by BTFIT’s exclusive personal trainers!

What are you waiting for? Download BTFIT and sign up now for BTFIT Premium. Reaching your fitness goals depends only on you. Workout at home with the help of the online personal trainer, access fitness classes and keep track of your performance using the fitness tracker.

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